Everli is on a mission to help people achieve peace of mind by simplifying their life when shopping for groceries. No more queuing, no more parking, no more carrying heavy weights: Everli’s dream is to bring just the best parts of grocery shopping, directly to your home.
Consumer tech
2021 - Alumni
Verlinvest contact
Gilles Vanhouwe, Simone Sallustio, Anaïs Jollivet


Founded in 2014 in Milan, Everli is now the main European e-grocery marketplace, where customers can choose their favourite supermarket and order products in stores for same-day delivery via dedicated Everli Shoppers. The service has become essential to consumers, who have accelerated their propensity to turn to online solutions for their grocery shopping needs.

Everli’s offering has also proven invaluable to supermarkets and retailers looking to adapt to consumers’ new shopping behaviour and to complement their offering with an online solution of their own. Everli attracts a high share of CPG brands’ advertising & promotions spend, providing them with consumer behavior data that they never could have accessed in the offline world.