Where we focus:

High-growth, category-defining brands with a culture of constant product innovation.

Food, beverage & FMCG

Consumer-centric, transparent, personalized models with digital potential.


Native online brands, lazer-focused on reaching consumers, DTC or O2O.

Consumer technology

Innovative pet, beauty & personal care, active and outdoor brands.


Long-term, flexible capital

For nearly 30 years, as a family-backed business, we have empowered companies and founders to challenge the status quo to do better for the next generation.

Our evergreen capital means that we are patient, flexible partners, investing for as long as is necessary, sometimes from early stages to IPO and beyond. We structure deals in a way that matches the needs of founders and the business for the long-term.

Chewy, online pet products retailer in the US.

Brand enthusiasts

Consumer businesses today face a unique set of challenges. We are product-minded experts and have assembled the best operators and advisors globally to help navigate these challenges.

This includes decades of experience both online and offline – in fields such as brand marketing, supply chain, organizational design, innovation, sustainability, and impact.

Mutti®, the leading european premium packaged tomato brand.


We look at big categories that face a fundamental problem, with the opportunity to create a switching moment for consumers to move towards more sustainable or ethical ​alternatives.​

We’re passionate about helping the companies tackling these problems to encourage more responsible consumption habits and reach mainstream success at ​scale.

Tony’s Chocolonely, making 
chocolate 100% slave-free.

Global reach

We identify inflection points in consumer behaviours around the world and back companies that drive these revolutions forward.

Our team is on the ground in Brussels, London, New York, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Singapore. We can help to grow local teams and operations, and enable new market entry on an international scale.

Oatly, global player in sustainable and nutritious oat products.

We look for companies with:

Fast-growth and/or consolidation opportunities

Sustainable business models (now or in the near-term future)

Potential to become a category leader and/or expand internationally

Strong barriers to entry, proven concept, early commercialization

A need for a valued partner and growth capital. We typically invest between €20 to €200m and take a long term view

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