Hint is a pioneer in the formulation, distribution and marketing of unsweetened flavored water. Hint creates uniquely delicious water by infusing the taste of blackberries, watermelon, pineapples and other fruits without adding any sugar or diet sweeteners. Hint® water is the healthy alternative that will let you fall in love with water.  
North America
Food, beverage & FMCG
2008 - Active
Verlinvest contact
Eric Melloul, Clément Pointillart


Hint is ideally positioned to capture the noticeable trend towards healthier water products with fewer calories, no diet sweeteners and no preservatives, as people are increasingly avoiding artificially-sweetened drinks. The company offers still and sparkling versions of Hint® water, including a boxed version of fruity still water that is perfect for children.

Verlinvest invested in Hint in April 2008.