Jean D’Estrées

Jean D’Estrées is a niche cosmetics player that develops and markets beauty products for the beautician markets in France and abroad, under the brand names Jean d’Estrées, SoNature and ISD (Innovation Scientifique Dermocosmétique).
2001 - Alumni


In France, Jean D’Estrées has its own sales force and markets its products only to beauticians. Internationally, it is distributed through an active network of distributors and is sold in both the beautician and retail channels depending on the country.

Until late 2008, the company was part of a larger cosmetic group (which also included Garraud Paris), in which Verlinvest invested in 2001. Verlinvest sold its stake in Garraud in 2008, and decided to keep and grow Jean D’Estrées in the dynamic and highly fragmented beautician market.

In 2014, Verlinvest sold Jean D’Estrées to the Israëli cosmetic group Holy Land Cosmetics.