Lahori (Zeera)

Lahori is one of India’s fastest growing beverage companies, making delicious drinks that have a uniquely local taste and are available to all.
Food, beverage & FMCG
2021 - Active
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Shagun Tiwary


The brand sells its four ready-to-drink variants – Zeera, Nimboo, Kacha Aam, and Shikanji – via local retailers across Northern India. Verlinvest invested USD $15 million in Lahori’s Series A funding round.

Lahori was founded in 2017 by three cousins, Saurabh Munjal, Saurabh Bhutna and Nikhil Doda, who share a passion for Indian flavors and typical ‘desi’ drinks. Created in their own kitchen in Chandigarh, Lahori’s flagship ‘Zeera’ product contains natural ingredients that elevate flavors of classic drinks like zeera soda to a new level, evoking the nostalgia of a typical Indian household.

When the founders realized that existing soft drink offerings were full of unhealthy additives or were too expensive for many Indian families, they set out to create a product that would be loved by the masses. Lahori’s products are already becoming just that – at Rs 10 per 160ml bottle (approx. USD 10 cents), the brand’s drinks are accessible to all and even have the potential to aid digestive health as a result of added real spices including cumin, pepper and black salt.

India’s non-alcoholic beverage industry is expected to exceed USD $18 billion by 2026, but is currently largely made up of disorganized brands whose products are often prepared using unhygienic methods and unclean water. Lahori uses highly organized, hygienic, and regulated production, packaging and sealing methods and is committed to sustainability throughout the company’s supply chain.

Lahori creates products that are conveniently sized, high quality, and taste delicious! Here, some of our investment team in India reveal their favorite Lahori drink flavors…

Pallavi Chadha, Venture Investor in Mumbai

Favorite flavor: Lahori Nimboo

Why? “It reminds me of my childhood summers in Delhi, sipping ‘nimboo pani’ [a traditional citrus drink] that my grandmother made”

Shagun Tiwary Shah, Growth Investor in Mumbai

Favorite flavor: Lahori Zeera

Why? “The punchy spices make for a yummy taste!”

Sagar Shah, Analyst in Mumbai

Favorite flavor: Lahori Shikanji

Why? “I like to think of it as the fuel of India!”

Manvitha Janagam, Growth Investor in Mumbai

Favorite flavor: Lahori Shikanji

Why? “It will become clear why I love it as soon as you try it!”

Arjun Vaidya, Venture Lead in Mumbai

Favorite flavor: Lahori Shikanji

Why? “It’s delicious!”

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