Nesto is a chain of veterinary practices with a combined network of over 50 clinics. The company focuses on providing the highest level of customer centricity, quality of pet care, and an attractive work environment for its veterinary professionals.
2023 - Active
Verlinvest contact
Gilles Vanhouwe, Stefanos Sotiropoulos, Simone Sallustio, Julius Hugelshofer


Nesto is a network of veterinary practices active in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. It was founded in January 2019 with the integration of Orion, a highly specialized 2nd line referral clinic and a recognized “pet hospital” with 24/7 service, that serves as a reference and training ground for the network. The founding team includes CEO Paul Huyghe and Medical Director Johan Van Ommen, the original founder of Orion.

Nesto recently combined with German veterinary group, Veternicum, enabling the network to accelerate growth across Europe, further enhancing the high level of customer centricity, quality of pet care, and attractive work environment for their veterinary professionals. The combined network will grow to over 50 clinics by the end of this year, with over 20 of those located in Germany.

Verlinvest invested in October 2023 to help the combined network to accelerate its growth across Europe.

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