Clone (formerly Not So Dark)

Clone is the European leader in tech-driven virtual delivery brands. The company creates popular original-concept food brands designed exclusively for online delivery platforms such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Its virtual franchise model allows brick-and-mortar restaurants to run a busy digital online delivery business from their existing kitchens.
Consumer tech,
Food, beverage & FMCG
2022 - Active
Verlinvest contact
Anaïs Jollivet, Raphael Thiolon


Founded in early 2020 by Clement Benoit and Alexandre Haggai, Clone provides restaurants with everything they need to succeed – from a digital ordering system, effortless turnkey operations, a platform that continuously optimizes business performance, built-in marketing that runs around the clock, and strong unit economics.

The company’s built-in data analytics platform is driven by machine learning capabilities that are hyper responsive to changes in price, demand, and competition. This innovation is game-changing for the food delivery industry, particularly at a time when competition is tough, prices fluctuate daily, and supply chains are strained.

Verlinvest invested in July 2022 to support Clone (then Not So Dark) in expanding its fast-growing franchise model across Europe.

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