Red Sun

Red Sun is a leading senior care provider in the Yangtze delta area that focuses on quality senior care and services.
2016 - Active
Verlinvest contact
Raphael Thiolon


Founded in 2006, the company has built up a full range of senior care services including care, rehabilitation and hospitality services. After more than ten years, Red Sun has become a leading operator in the Shanghai region and is recognized as a quality nursing home operator by both the government and the senior residents in Shanghai. Currently, the company operates more than 1,000 beds with four senior care facilities in Shanghai and Nanjing, and is developing one new project in Suzhou. In addition, Red Sun has provided senior care management services to multiple nursing homes in the Zhejiang province.

Invested through China Resource Verlinvest Health Investment joint venture, Verlinvest aims to build Red Sun into a leading quality senior care operator in China. Red Sun will benefit from the added value of both shareholders of CR Verlinvest, especially with CRC’s strong experience in real estate, healthcare and drugs in China, and Verlinvest’s experience in the senior care sector through its long term investment in Armonea, the leading Belgian senior care provider, with operations in Spain and Germany.