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Location: Switzerland

Office: Brussels

Year of Investment: 2022

Investment Status: Active

Verlinvest contacts: Simone Sallustio Julius Hugelshofer Alice Giudicatti

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Sinomedica is a leading Swiss chain of complementary medicine clinics with a focus on medical acupuncture, for which it is pioneering a science-based approach that enables a range of innovative treatments and applications, including to tackle obesity.

Founded by Dr. med. Massimo Fumagalli and Dr. Riccardo Braglia in 2001, Sinomedica is an established Swiss brand with seven existing acupuncture centres in Switzerland.

For the treatment of obesity, the company has developed the Sinomedica Shou Shen® program, an innovative treatment that combines a low carbohydrate diet and weekly acupuncture sessions to regulate hormones and change the body’s metabolism.Verlinvest invested in Sinomedica in July 2022 to support with the acceleration of growth in its home market of Switzerland and in entering new European markets, as it capitalizes on increasing interest in the field of complementary medicine.


You can read Sinomedica’s patient testimonials here.


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