Wouter De Wit
Financial Manager

Please could you provide some information on your education, qualifications, and career milestones?

Bachelor in Business Management from Thomas More, Postgraduate in Tax Management from Vlekho Business School Brussels, very wide financial background in different multinationals (mainly F&B).

Please could you provide some information on your specific responsibilities at Verlinvest (if any)? 

I’m in charge of Controlling & Reporting (internal & external), all tax reporting obligations and I play a key role in financial & tax audits.




+32 2 626 98 70

Brand obsessed 

Please name a brand that you admire: 

Strong admiration for Tesla Motors.  From start-up to a disruptive innovation, pushing the automotive industry hard to switch from gasoline to electric, showing that electric cars can be beautiful. 

Please name a consumer revolution that you wish you had been a part of: 

The consumer Robotics revolution: how can smart robots play an important role in our daily life. 

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