Future Consumer

Future Retail is an integrated food and FMCG platform, based in India.

Food, beverage & FMCG
2012 - Active
Verlinvest contact
Raphael Thiolon


Created by Kishore Biyani, a successful and visionary retail entrepreneur who pioneered many retail concepts in India, Future Consumer Enterprise Limited (“FCEL”) leads the integrated food strategy of Future Group. Its businesses span the entire food value chain, from industrial parks to the marketing of food brands and home care products (e.g. Premium and Golden Harvest, Tasty Treat) to urban retailing (KB Fair Price and Nilgiris) and rural wholesaling (Aadhar). FCEL has recently decided to focus on the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of packaged food and beverages, its fastest-growing segment, and therefore franchise the operations of its retail formats to sister company Future Retail Limited.

Previously known as Future Ventures (before the spin-off of its fashion business, which was merged into Future Lifestyle Fashions Limited), in which Verlinvest invested in mid-2012, the company has been listed as Future Consumer Enterprise on Mumbai’s stock exchange since July 4, 2013.